Do you have questions about Battery Boosters or Power Bank battery?. At, we pride ourselves in having the best built, safe and longest lasting battery boosters on the market. Still, there are lots of ways that you can increase or decrease the life of your battery and we get lots of questions. To help you to more understand the Battery Boosters, we have provided answers to some of the more commonly and uncommonly asked questions that have some to us. We hope that you find this information is useful for you, and also take advantage of some of the battery marketing programs that we have available.
Battery Boosters Q&A:
Q: How can I know the booster is fully charged?
A: Our Matsushima battery booster has LED lighting Checker to check the power status. If the battery is fully charged, the LED is all light up.
Q: How long should I take to fully charge the i-phone?
A: Our battery booster 5000mAh is a super quick charge, it takes only 1 hour for fully change the i-phone.
Q: How long should I charge the Battery booster for the first time?
A: It is almost 10 hours for the first time.
Q: Is it dangerous to charge for a long time? Like short-circuited?
A: The battery booster is short-circuited protection. It is safe to use.
Q: Can I chat by the phone when charging the phone with the battery booster.
A: Yes
Q: How many capacity left in the battery booster after I using for one year?
A: After 1 year, the battery booster should have about 70% of its original capacity.
Q: Is it dangerous to charger for a long time? Like short-circuited?
A: The battery booster is short-circuited protection.
Q: Can I carry the battery booster along when charging?
A: Yes, it is go portable.
Q: What is the meaning of mAh? In the market it had many different models, like 2200mAh, 3300mAh or 5000mAh. What are their differences?
A: "mAh" stands for milliamp hours. The current capacity in milliamp hours (mAh). If the larger number, it has the larger current capacity for use.